Sunday, December 22, 2013

Some customization (the bag)

Okay, I've been busy in my (extremely rare) spare time. I wanted to make my bag a little more of my own, so I added a few things. 

First, some before and after shots for you, see below.


First, lets talk about my handles.

I actually spend a most of my time carrying this bag like a brief case, since I don't actually need to wear it for any duration of time. So, when I read into the car to get it, I've found that if the light is bad, I spend too much time trying t find either of the two carry handles on it.

I used a cobra stitch to wrap them in high-visibility orange and white cord, as you can see. The added durability and volume make the handles easier to grip, and more comfortable to hold, while also meaning I can see them and reach for them in even the weakest light.

Second, the black compression straps from the top photo have been replaced with slightly heavier red ones so that the bag as a little more of a personal touch.

As a last touch, I stitched up some loops of the same cord on both ends of the strap so that I can see both ends in poor light if need by. Also, on the loop I installed, I now clip it to the bag so that the strap isn't hanging down while I carry the bag.

You can see it here in some poor detail, its the orange knotted loop at the bottom of the photo.

I've also moved things around and adjusted the content a lot to better balance the space.

Work in progress, to be sure, but I'm still outrageously happy with it.

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