Sunday, December 29, 2013

Keeping everything in it's place.

Well, I spent some time sewing today, and worked on a little project I have been meaning to tackle for a while.

There is a product out there called "Grid-It", which is more or less a board with elastic straps woven through each other, and used to hold small items in place for transport and storage. Its marketed to the  computer user demographic with some success, and has gotten some good reviews. I liked the idea, but wasn't about to pay the market prices for it, exotically when I wasn't sure it would work for me. Fortunately, the concept is fairly simple, meaning the DIY community has come up with countless ways to make your own.

I went to Wal*mart, got eight yards of elastic, and then came home a pulled out the sewing machine and an old shoe box. Two hours later... I came up with this.

And the other side.

And as a final test, with all of this stuff jammed in there, will it fix in the medium pocket of my bag?

And the answer is...


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