Saturday, July 20, 2013

Saturday Afternoon... Build day 2.

Well, things could have gone smoother. When I started to actually assemble the shelves.. things came apart like a house of cards. Turns out that liquid nail is not any good on wood.

So, I wrote off three of the morning's hours worth of work, and then went about trying to figure out what I could do. While I was scraping the remains of the glue off of all the wood and plastic, I called my wife and conferred with her. A friend of ours was with her, and offered a suggestion of JB weld. Figuring that I had nothing to really lose at that point, I went to the store and grabbed a tube of their binary epoxy that saying wood and "most" plastics.

After that, I actually went to a frind's house to help her and her folks unload  a piano. It was a distraction I needed, and she is loads of gun to chat with so we all spent about twenty minutes moving the piano out from her father's truck, and then another half an hour eating venison burgers.

So, then I get back to my house, then start gluing the parts back together with the compound.

Later on the same friend showed up at my place and helped me move some old furniture to the dump, and then move an old entertainment center to the garage to make room for the shelves. Without her... well it just wasn't going to happen without help, and she was glad to reciprocate for my help with the piano. So, anyway, she left just as I started putting the pieces all together, leaving me to assemble, move, stack and tighten things on my own. But at least I had room to work.

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