Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Rough start

What a way to start the day off.

It turns out that the truck carrying the portable PET scan unit has broken down about two hours away from Stillwater. The bad news is that we currently have no idea how long its going to take to fix the truck. The good news is that the scheduling nurse at the hospital just told the company that she didn't care if they had to send a second crew out, if the truck makes it out here at all, at any time, we were going to press forward, including a midnight run if need be.

Going to be a long day... but at least the right people are pulling for me this time.


Well, what was going to be a moderately productive day almost got turned into an unproductive day.

As I mentioned above, the PET scan is still in limbo thanks to some mechanical failure on the part of the truck that carries the thing. Also, the clinic decided to arbitrarily reschedule my chemotherapy training to Thursday, the hour before the therapy itself. Leaving me with a whole day off for an EKG... and having had one in the past, I can tell you that they take 30 minutes, and 28 of that is getting ready. No, I'm not kidding, my last one needed 90 seconds of telemetry from me before the tech said "all done".

So... I called the clinic and asked about my class, that's when I found out that the training had been arbitrarily moved. I asked about moving it back to today, and they were resistant, saying "no no, Thursday is fine."

[I'm actually leaving some parts of this conversation out for "practical" purposes. Just saying]

"Um... no, actually. Its not fine." I said back. "Now when do you want me to come in, today?"

You could hear the light bulb hovering over the woman's head turn on, even over the phone. "Well, um, how about 2:30 today."

I smiled. "That would be wonderful, thanks."


And... we're back on. Looks like the company that runs the mobile PET scanner managed to fix the truck. So now, we're back in the race. The time is for 4:30, and I've had breakfast. No food after 11, so I'm all set. I really have to had it to the scheduling department over at Stillwater Medical Center for managing this so well. Even with very little in their control, they kept people informed, and I think that goes a long way in these types of situations.

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