Monday, October 14, 2013

The Bag... in the field

This is a little bit of an update for those of you who follow these things. As you have read before, I have really geared up my bag with lots of odds and ends so that I am more or less ready for a lot of different situations. I wanted to take a minute and talk about some of my more resent uses just to give you an idea what how much I actually do use this this.

The rope:  I actually had to use the rope the other day. My wife and I do medieval reenactment, and after pitching our pavilion tent, I realized that the cord I used to hang the interior walls from  was missing. I plucked the 50 foot cord out of my bag and used it, worked like a charm, for which I was grateful. We had friends camping with us that weekend and we all were glad for the privacy of the cloth walls I had made.

My tools: Ive actually traded out some tools lately, but the other day, I actually had to pull out an Allen wrench to help someone while we were working on prepping the shafts on wooden arrows. It wasn't a bit deal, but I have to admit, it felt cool having the tool we needed when we needed it.

First air kit: What I can I say... I use this thing way the hell too much. Paper cuts, infected scabs, bumps... whatever and wherever, for me and about a dozen other people. Between work, home SCA and general life, I can't count all the times I can said "Oh, I have X if you want it" and moments later was digging into my kit for someone. I'm always glad to do it, I consider comfort and health important things to have.

The drink pocket: Yeah, I'm using and refilling that pocket all the time, it's good to have flavored water on hand, let me tell you.

So, yeah, anyway, that's what I have. I just wanted to take a moment and actually show what the bag can do and when it has done.


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