Friday, August 30, 2013

A new look, sort of anyway

Well, if you want an explanation of why I look like this, that's going to be long in coming.

But short and sweet, on the way home today my eye started bothering me, and by the time dinner rolled around, the eye in question was sore and red. 

So, pink-eye, or conjunctivitis of some sort seems to have found its way to me. Depending on how this goes, I might or might not go to the doctor's office. what I have read says that most cases are viral, and I don't feel like taking medications for no good reason. For the moment, the plan is to keep the eye covered and closed, keeping my hands away from it and giving it time to deal with itself. 

No, the reason I am writing here is not to complain about my eye, but to talk about wearing the eye patch a little. 

Its actually an interesting experience. Yes, there are the drawbacks of being 50% blind, and having no depth perception what so ever. In fact, the whole situation of having half of my visual awareness gone is just... od.

But still, I actually find the process interesting. I am suddenly aware of my other scenes needing to compensate for the blind-zone. All of a sudden I hear sounds from directions I can't see, and I am ruining into things (literally) that I can't see. Also, the right eye still works, so even closed, I can see a pattern of light and dark (like when you close your eyes and press on them, the signals to the brain can get interesting for some) from my right eye, and its overlays my field of view on my left eye, the effect is... well, just interesting.

Oh, and yes typing is a headache with just one eye, so that is as much I will say tonight

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