Sunday, January 6, 2013


Today in church the pastor said he was going to do a series leading up to Easter where the congregation was welcomed to take part in devotionals that followed the service each week. I enjoy writing, and I enjoy talking about my faith. The latter is not so much a drive to talk "about" it, so much as analyze and better understand.

Anyway, I have decided that I want to take the devotionals and respond to the associated questions here in my blog. I'm hardly holding myself up an any example (blogger or theologian). In point of fact, if anyone thinks about using me as a religious role model, I'll tell you right now you should get your head examined and/or aim higher.

Still, I am confident that I do have something to bring to the discussion of faith, even if it is a misunderstanding that prompts further discussion.

As I have always held that this blog  is a public document, anyone is welcome to read, share and comment.

As blog owner and moderator, I also reserve the right to keep the conversation civil. Beyond that, I have a strong respect for the concepts of argument, discussion, and the right to disagree with each other.

If you want to follow only my religious conversations, use this link, it will only show those relivant posts.

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