Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Just a chance to bitch, if nothing else.

I like Facebook, I really do, but there is just not any room to bitch about stuff in any detail. I'm not saying I bitch all the time (though more often now than some other times in my life). But seriously, doesn't it feel good to just get it out of your system?

Case in point: My life right now.

No, my wife isn't leaving me. No my son doesn't hate me. I didn't say my life was horrible. In fact, I am grateful for a great deal of it.  But I certainly have a few complaints (okay, more than a few, but I'm trying to be reasonable here).

Tried and true, lets start off with politics, that always gets people fired up, right?

Well, as a gun owner (both longarm and sidearm), I guess I can say that I am paying more than passing attention to the political cauldron thats been bubbling since the shooting in Tuscan, Arizona. The facts in this case are still largely developing at this point in time, though everyone and his brother seems to have "the" answer as to why the shooting happened. I guess calls for stricter regulation of firearms are to be expected. I'm hardly saying that I agree, but it's almost a given that that camp will be out in force after an event like this.

As an aside, while I do firmly believe in the constitutional wright to bare arms, even the NRA know that gun ownership is not a God-given wright. People are denied firearms every day due to criminal records, mental health issues and other legal restraints. I think every time something like the Arizona tragedy takes place, we do need to take a hard look at "the system" and ask ourselves some hard questions.

However... I really, really never this coming: 'we need to tone down the angry political rhetoric because that is what caused this shooting'.

Say what?

Am I to understand that in a society where groups like the Westboro Baptic Church are afford police protection for their protests outside other people's places of worship, and the Klu Klux Klan are legally allowed to apply for and get permits to demonstrate in front of city hall, that we are actually talking about trying to regulate or legislate the statements of political pundits and commentators? Lets just set aside for a minute that we still actually have no idea what set this guy off (as of 1/12/11), and remember that there is this little thing call the 1st amendment, that more or less says we can't block speech just because we don't like it, or like the people who listen to it.

And please, don't anyone even try and tell me that political news coverage and reruns of Rush Limbaugh caused this guy to shoot nineteen people. If you really, really believe that, have your facts ready and standing by, because that is one argument I will take to the mat with the full intent of shooting down.

How about work?

Okay, I'll be fair, I'm really more upset about money, but since one (supposedly) leads to the other, Ill shoot for the source.

I won't say that I miss my old job. I mean, I do, in a way, but it had its hassles. I found out just the other day that one of my co-workers from my last office was laid off as well. That takes that particular office down to one. Why am I not optimistic about getting back into the fire-safety field any time... well, at all.

I actually like my current job. Security work suits me on a number of levels, but its not without drawbacks. The top three are easy, pay, pay and... oh yeah, pay. I'm making more or less half of what I was brining in at my desk job. The hours aren't much fun either, there are a lot of nights in this field. Also, its not a job that tends to attracts friendly people, or is likely to put you near people when they are in a good mood. Last but not least, benefits; there are none.


My transmission is acting funny. It handles all the forward stuff fine, but wont engage for reverse. Checked the fluid, toped it off and all that. Some friends of mine familiar with cars say that the cold can cause that to happen (I have no earthly clue how, though) I'm really just hoping that this isn't a major mechanical issue because I just don't have the cash to fix it.

The cold

I'm normally not one to gripe about bad weather, but I have to go out in this stuff for work, at night. Sunday night (the last night I worked)  the air temperature at my site was -17 degrees with the wind chill. All the long underware and ski masks this side of the Atlantic didn't keep me even functionally warm, let alone comfortable.


I'm not really bitching about the SCA itself, but more my current situation in relation to it. Work has eaten all of my weekends for the time being, so eventing is out. The loss of my old job had killed my old travel schedule, so I can't make meetings in Northkeep, Wiesenfeuer and Namron. I had to shut down The Blackfeather news Podcast as a result as well. Honestly, that what rough because I really liked doing that. My eventing is minimal, my activity is minimal. Dammit! This isn't the path I was taking two years ago, and I just think it sucks!

And its not like my group is all rosy either. We just got served notice that Mooneschadow's regular meeting place is now charging cash where we used to be able to invest "sweat equity" for our time each week. Bottom line, we're needing to move on for the first time in well over twelve years.

So that more or less is my bitch session, for now anyway. I'm sure I sound like an ungrateful lug at this point. I'm not ungrateful, trust me at that. I thank God for every day I wake up at this point. I do have a job, which is more than a lot of my friends can say right now. And I have a wife and son who both love me. I do have a good life.

I just have a lot of stuff to bitch about too.

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